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Let them eat Cake.....


I was unable to fit all of my cake creations onto one page. So I just thought "Whats another page?" Because really is there a need to have any kind of justification when it comes to cake? Right?!?  I think not! Enjoy...

Rustic Baby Shower
Because Daddy is Superman!

This cake I did for my own baby shower last summer.. We had a rustic theme and I loved the teal and brown colors! It turned out even with the extra crazy perfection wanting pregnancy hormones running through my body. It was blue velvet too!

My children decided they wanted to make Daddy a "Fathers Day" cake that best represents how they see him. So how perfect the idea of "Superman"! My husband is our "Everything Man" from school work help to jumping on the trampoline with the kids. After battling cancer he never doesn't make time for his family and we like to show him he is greatest!

I had the amazing privilege to be able to make this cake for a very special lady in my life. My cousin Tammy and her husband David were celebrating the up-coming birth of their first child Emmarae. I had so much fun creating this cake for them, for such an important and life changing event! (This is the only cake with pictures taken during the creation process.)

So Frozen mania hit the nation like a blast of cold air! If you have any daughters no matter the age range you know what I am talking about! The sound of "Let it Go" coming from the tv and my daughters mouths was no exception! So for my daughter Loralei's 9th birthday it was all she talked about! I mean our Pintrest board we made for it speaks for itself! She loved this cake (I used the infinity figures for the top and I melted blue Jolly Ranchers and broke them up for the "Ice" effect! Such a fun cake to make!

             Baby Shower !
  Frozen Mania!

So, my little Bella bean decided she wanted a “Frozen” cake just like her big sisters’ last year, with a few exceptions. She helped me design the cake and was super excited to get to play with the new little "Frozen" Elsa and Anna we found at the store! Boy, my little girl is growing up so fast!​

Frozen Fever!


Spring is in the air!

This cake, was a special privledge for me to make. We were celebrating my husbands' great grandmothers 85th birthday! I knew when asked to make the cake it had to special just like she is. Inside and out. She is a spectacular lady and I am happy to have been the person to make this for her. 

Minnie Mouse Cake

Minnie Mouse

This Minnie Mouse cake was made for a very special, deserving little girl! She always has a smile and her parents are so happy to be able to see her grow into such a sweet little lady! 




This "Taylor & Friends" cake was for my little man's 2 year old birthday! He LOVES Thomas the train. It is all we hear all day long on the tv. It is one of the first words he could say. So, there was no other option for his birthday cake. It had to be Thomas!

   Jurassic Park

So, my son who happens to love everything dinosaur and knows how to pronounce pretty much every species of dinosaurs would not budge when it came time for his 7th birthday cake. Jurassic Park it was! His smile made all the hard work so worth all the sugar and sweat! He was one happy little boy!

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