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Cakes Cakes Everywhere.........


I started decorating cakes a few years ago. I have made them for an array of different occasions. Here are a few to peruse!


This is one of the first cakes I decorated nearly 3 1/2 years ago. My daughter was turning 1 and absolutly LOVES giraffes.. Everything was edible. Even the flowers!

Welcome Home!

This cake was particularly important for me and my family. My brother in law just returned home from many deployments and was finally being discharged from the United States Marine Corp. "Semper Fi!"


This was my daughters' 2nd birthday cake. At the time it was all about "My Little Pony's" and rainbows. So that was what the party theme ended up being. Boy was fun! 

Thomas the Train!

My daughter is so into "Thomas the Train" these days. Long gone are the pink and purple giraffes. Now it's "Thomas and his Friends"! From Percy to Emily, Sir Topem Hat and of course Thomas there is nothing she doesn't like and I was so happy to see her face when I presented her this cake!

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