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Beef and Chedder Pinwheels






Beef and Cheddar Pinwheels


Okay, so I have a large extended family and we Love LOVE to get together with any holiday and spend time together celebrating life!  Now having finger foods around for parties not only allows people to mingle and eat a little something before they dig into the main meal but also gives the hostess time to finish up any last minute details she needs to get done. Sometimes I think we would rather just eat the finger foods and skip the rest!


Sweet and salty holiday chex mix

Sweet and Salty Holiday Cranberry Chex Mix


So, this has recipe has been in my family for nearly 15 years. My mother used to make it for all the holiday events. It is great for the “grazing” family members that can't wait for the sit-down meal. I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE EVERYTHING about this snack. I make extra just so I can sneak a little bit here and there while I work on all my holiday duties! And the beautiful ruby red cranberries add for gorgeous holiday flair! I hope this becomes a staple in your home during the holidays!

Veggie pizza

Vegetable Pizza

So, this is a great cool, refreshing change of pace. Instead of another boring jello salad for your next family get-together or BBQ try this veggie pizza. You can change the recipe to your own liking. You can customize it so your kids will love it! Have fun! It never has to be the same veggie pizza twice! 

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