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Creamsicle Jello Pudding Fluff

creamsicle jello

So, I needed a little something to take to a family gathering and had no time to run to the store to shop for anything! I scoured the cupboards and found all the ingredients I needed for this not too sweet, cool side dish to go with any bbq! If you like Orange Creamschicles you will love this dish! 



  • 4 ~ Small boxs or 2 ~ Large boxs of Orange Jello

  • 2 ~ Large boxs of Instant Vanilla puding

  • 2 ~ Large Cans of Mandarin Oranges

  • 2 ~ tubs of Cool Whip


This recipe will feed about 35-40 people. 

First, dissolve the 4 small boxes of Orange Jello with 4 Cups of boiling water. Once dissolved completely add in the 2 Large boxes to the Instant Vanilla Pudding to the Orange Jello Mixture. 

Whisk until slightly thickened. 

Put the Jello/Pudding Mixture in the refrigerator for about 1 1/2 hours until it starts to slightly thicken and set. Then add in the two cans drained of mandarin oranges. Then put it all into the serving dish you intend to use.

Return to the refrigerator

So, you can totally do what I did and accidentally forget to set the timer for the roughly 4 hours it was supposed to set before adding the cool whip. Which it was still delicious and everyone loved it. Or, you can remember to set your timer for the 4 hours and add it to make it more fluffy. Either way, it is really good! 

Chill until ready to serve. If you don't remember to set the timer you will have a slightly thicker and a few jello chunks in the final product. If you did remember then kudos and yours will be a more fluffy!


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