DIY Jewelry Cleaner

Don't have time to run to the local jewelry store to get your pretties cleaned or don't want those harsh chemicals on your skin afterward? Try this easy DIY Jewelry cleaner. It is safe and effective and you probably have all it takes in your pantry cupboards!


2 ~ TBS of Baking Soda

2 ~ TBS of Kosher Salt

1 ~ Cup of almost boiling water

Aluminum foil covered dish with sides. Shiny side up

In the pie tin with the shiny side of foil facing up add 2 ~ Tbs of salt...

And 2 ~ TBS of Baking Soda

With your fingers gently combine the salt and baking soda and then place the jewelry on top!

Next, add in the hot water. You only need to use about 1 Cup and heat it in the microwave until us just starts to boil. Slowly pour it over the baking soda/salt mixture.

Watch it fizz!!

Let jewelry sit for about 10 minutes.

Use a toothbrush to polish and clean out debris that may have built up in the small crevices. The black specks below are from my essential oil diffuser necklace. This cleaning did not hurt my jewelry it just helped to loosen up the buildup on the jewelry.

Polish and dry with a soft cloth of papertowel.

Enjoy your clean and shiny pretties!