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sun dried tomato stuffed chicken

Lunch & Dinner


Sun-dried tomato stuffed chicken breasts:


So, here is a simple twist on a chicken breast dinner. I am always trying to find new ways to incorporate more lean means into our diet without breaking the bank. My kids really loved it and asked for more!




stuffed peppers
bourbon peach chicken bbq

Stuffed Peppers:


Here is what is for dinner tonight! This easy, tasty, and very filling meal will be just what you have been looking for. Your family will be so full and yet still wish there was more left to eat! Enjoy this new dish and let me know how much your family loves them! 




Bourbon Peach Chicken BBQ

Summer is almost over already! I cannot believe it! Peaches are just in season and I bought a big bag the other day, so when looking for something new to create for dinner I came up with this Peach Bourbon BBQ Chicken in a skillet! I did not expect it to be so great! Everyone loved it and was a little upset that there wasn't extra! So, try it let me know what you think! Have a great summer as it winds down to fall! 


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