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Make Ahead Fruity Protein Shakes

So, I decided with a little prep work on the weekends I would be able to have something really delicious, really simple, and really healthy for myself on those days when there is nothing to reach for or if you are on the go and takes no time at all to make! You can personalize them with what you like and always know it is a good way to make sure all that produce you are buying doesn't go bad and this way saving money in the process!  




  • Fruit of your choice (I chose a strawberry/banana combination as well as a raspberry/blueberry/kale combo!)

  • 1 scoop of plain or vanilla protein powder of your choice. 

  • Chi seeds (optional)
  • Organic Golden flax (optional)

  • Almond milk, Silk, regular milk, what ever you have on hand.  

I take a small freezer bag and fill it with one scoop of protein powder, 1 Tbs of Organic Golden Flax and 1 tsp of Chi seeds. 

Next, add in your fruit of choice!

Red Raspberries and Blackberries...

Banana and Strawberry...

Now, try to get all the air out of the bags and freeze! I did make some with berries and kale. Once they are all smoothied~up in the blender you can't even taste the kale! 

Once you are ready for your smoothie, just pop the contents of one of these frozen pre-packaged fruit smoothie bags into your blender with about 8 oz of coconut milk, or silk or whatever you have on hand. I like to add in sometimes about 1/4 Cup of vanilla greek yogurt. 


Blend well and........

Garnish with a Strawberry 


Put it in a pretty fancy glass! 

 Go ahead!

You deserve it! 

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