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Side Dishes

Side dishes are a staple in everyone's household. Whether it be in the form of a type of bread, vegetable, fruit or salad, they are just as important to any dish because they support and compliment the main meal. I hope these side dishes come in handy for your meal planning.

Baking Powder Biscuits

baking powder biscuits

Having a versatile biscuit recipe can be very useful when making dinner, or breakfast. This recipe will have you reaching for more, whether it be for pairing with sausage gravy or slathered in butter and jam, or apple butter. Whatever way you choose to eat them just know they are so delicious they can become addictive! 

Creamsicle Jello

creamsicle jello

If you like Orange Creamsicles then you will love this easy peasy Jello/Pudding combo! 4 Ingredients if you don't count the water! That is it! So, when you are in a pinch to bring a dish to a family gathering or church potluck add this to the list of things you can bring. You won't be sorry! And make sure you bring enough becuase it will go fast! 

Homemade Yeast Rolls

yeast rolls

There is nothin' like the smell of homemade rolls baking during fall and winter time! My kids rush to the oven just to watch the glorious baked goods turn golden brown! They cannot stop asking, "When will it be ready?" And there is never ever any left after dinner time comes "round. With this easy recipe for yeast rolls, you are sure to please anyone at the dinner table. Be quick though or you might not get one for yourself!


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