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Sun Dried Tomato stuffed Chicken breasts

sun dried tomato stuffed chicken breast

So, I, unfortunately, did not take a picture of all of the ingredients for this recipe first. I totally spaced that day! But I can tell you what it takes!


  •   Dried parsley

  •   Crushed garlic butter croutons (or panko

  • breadcrumbs)

  • Kraft Sun Dried Tomato dressing

  • 1 egg beaten

  •  Salt and pepper to taste

  •  4-6 Skinless and boneless chicken breasts slightly pounded flat

  •  Cheese Slices of your choice (I used Mozzarella and Colby)

  •  Thinly sliced tomatoes

First off Pre~heat your oven to 350* degrees.


Now beat the one egg and ½ Cup of the Kraft Sun Dried Tomato salad dressing in a bowl and set aside.

Next in another mixing bowl whisk together the cup of flour, sesame seeds (optional), dried parsley, and the crushed up croutons or Panko breadcrumbs. Salt and pepper to taste.  Set aside.

 Next, I take the chicken breasts and gently take out any anger out on them! This is also a pretty good work out!


Okay, now when they are a little flatter take a piece of cheese and lay it in the middle of the pounded side of the chicken.


Add a tomato and another piece of cheese. Next roll up the chicken breast and pin together with toothpicks. Do this with the remaining chicken breasts. Set aside.

When the chicken breasts are all set up I make kind of an assembly line with the wet ingredients and the dry ingredients.


I carefully drench the chicken into the wet ingredients first then dredge them through the dry mixture. After carefully lay they on a grated rack on top of a cookie sheet.


Now I did gently spray a little Pam cooking spray on top of the chicken to help it crisp up a little bit.


Cook them in the oven at 350* for about 40-45 minutes. Until the juices run clear.


I made whole wheat pasta with marinara sauce and steamed broccoli for the side dishes. The kids just gobbled it all up! I hope you enjoy this as much as we did!

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